April 30 – Journal Entry

Day one back on trail after Kickoff.  Left Ziggy and the Bears after a ride to the Post Office to mail off Bounce box and dress/umbrella (wasn’t using it, so it’s dead weight).  Ziggy is stuck with the extra duty of hauling packages back and forth from the P.O. since ‘The Bear’ sprained his ankle the day I first arrived.  He’s down for 6 weeks and although I’m not sure of ziggy’s age, Bear is 80.  Taking on so many hikers is quite a chore and generous gift to us hikers.  I helped Ziggy with packages, and was soon back on the trail.  Saying goodbye to such sweet and wonderful people isn’t easy when you don’t know if you’ll be back that direction to see them…  I saw a snake, it was odd looking, and shaking it’s tail, as though it was a rattler, but it wasn’t…. odd.  I stopped in for water at the wind farm, signed the register, chatted and one hell of a simple but ass kicking climb started there.  It wasn’t all that far, but woah.

-Oops… I mailed off page one and two of this section maps with my bounce box.  Was glad I have the pdf file on my phone, but the darn battery just isn’t as great as i thought it would be., so tried not checking it.

-Chatted with Choo Choo at Ziggy/Bears – I had mentioned that I wasn’t happy with my journal entries and blog posts as well as all of the photos that aren’t getting properly posted… She had some positive thoughts about the entire thing, most of which is what everyone else has said, focus on the hike, and not on entertaining everyone, which is very difficult when it’s the everyone that paid for this hike… (thank you again :-)

Nice decent into whitewater preserve. Couldn’t decide if I should stop or press on.  My goal for this week is 15-15-15-10 in miles Mon-Thurs reaching PCT Mile 265 and hitch into Big Bear Lake.  I barely reached the Ranger Station though… when I was at the crossroad to go to the former Trout Farm where there’s bathrooms and free PCT camping, or pushing on the PCT, my stomach answered … Not feeling so hot.  The Ranger Station it was.  Never have I been so glad to find flush toilets and walls surrounding me.  I don’t know if it’s the heat or diet.  I ate and took a nap on the picnic table bench… At 6:15 I made the decision to push on up White Water Creek, maybe another 2 miles.

-Think I got another 3 or 4 mi in from the station.  Also I think I may be dehydrated. Sad since I was near water for day snad days at KickOff.  Lesson Learned.

-This dress is heavy and it sucks.  It makes me sweat buckets also leading to my dehydration.  I’m glad I only have to go 55 miles in it.  (just to be clear, this gown has been wonderful for some of my photos, just NOT hike friendly LOL)

-I can see the peak of Mt. San Jacinto from where I write this.  It’s almost 8 p.m.  I think I’ll have to start doing the REALLY early hike, siesta afternoon, and hike late thing… as they do in the desert.

-I used the new Caldera Cone stove I bought at kick off … Mine was falling apart, the caldera cLone not the stove, but it came as a set for $30.  It’s incredibly efficient.  Glad I bought it.  I was able to reduce weight and space as well.

-At the last stop I dropped some weight and added some.  It seems like my pack is heavier than it should be.  I keep adjusting the straps, but not helping.  A week off the trail is rough on me.  Lesson Learned.  I only have 4 days of food… why’s it so heavy !?

- After a lot of complaining about not having ANY alone time on the trail, I hiked all day w/o running into the people who left Z/Bears prior to me.  It was nice.

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